Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We are off to Jordan tomorrow! I am so excited! We will be there for 3 and a half days. Our flight leaves early morning tomorrow (Wednesday) and we get back in the afternoon on Saturday. We get to spend two whole days in Petra and about a day and a half at the Dead Sea! I am going to go picture crazy, so get ready for some cool pics when we return!
We also found out we get Sunday off from work. Omg. Seriously, that NEVER happens here. Ever. So we are thrilled!
PLUS the contract for our new apartment is finally ready and we gave it to the Landlord! Which means we should be moving next week! (Inshallah)
Ok that is a lot of exclamation points in one post! (more more for good measure)
Here is what we will be seeing on our trip to Jordan.

I normally do not float in water AT ALL, so I am so excited to finally know what it feels like! :)
See you in just a few days :)
God bless!

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