Monday, September 10, 2012

New York City!

New York City was a complete blast. It has always been on my bucket list of places to go and I am so glad I was able to cross it off this summer. First off:
Seriously. My legs were cramping, feet throbbing, and toesies were blistered. I played sports for 20 years and have done crossfit for almost 2 and my legs had never been so sore. Going to sleep was the worst because my legs would be going crazy laying in bed!
We would wake up around 8 or so, shower up and get ready for the day and from then on it was walking. All day. Everyday. From about 9-10/11 we would walk. We saw everything this beautiful city had to offer.
I definitely had a top 5 list of our trip. Here it goes in order. With pictures :)
5. The Views
This was the thing that made me want to come here in the first place. The views from the tops of buildings, through Central Park, Times Square it was all so beautiful. I had seen pictures and pictures of the city lights and I wanted to be there. I wanted to be a part of it. Our friend Jordan took us on top of a hotel/bar and it had the most beautiful view. Not to mention it was sunset! Loved it up there.


4. The Food
Oh boy did we eat. Not so much a lot of times during the day, but when we sat down to eat, we ate a lot! Don't worry I had my slice of NY pizza and a NY hot dog! We had a favorite place called The Meatball Company. I don't even like meatballs and this was our favorite place! I got the chicken meatballs and had 3 different types of sauces: Parmesan, pesto, and pesto. haha! I loved the chicken and pesto meatball! Sooooo good! And to top it off, they had make-your-own-ice-cream-sandwiches. HOLY MOLY. Pick your cookies, pick your ice cream. So stinking good.

3. The NY Water Taxi
This was really cool. We did shy away from getting the NY pass and just stuck with picking what we wanted to get. The lines ended up being shorter then those who had "the pass" and we paid for exactly what we saw. We hopped on and off the taxi whenever we wanted and the timings worked out perfect. We got to see The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Brooklyn Bridge, the whole Manhattan Skyline, and much more. Well worth the $27!

2. 9/11 Memorial
I'll just post a picture for this because I am going to do a 9/11 post on 9/11 which is tomorrow!

1. The Lion King on Broadway
I have never seen something so cool in my life. This was by far my highlight of the trip. Justin got me this for our 1 year anniversary as a surprise. He knew that I have wanted to see this show for years and knew that it would mean so much if we did it. Thank you babe :) To prove my babyness I will be honest. I cried. When the beginning scene started, all the animals came out, the drums banging, the music blaring, it was something so beautiful, I started to cry. This was something that I've wanted to do for so many years and I was able to experience it with the one I love most. 

God Bless!

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