Sunday, April 29, 2012

You got obSERVED.

Well finally happened! The dreadful, stressful, pressure-filled time has come and gone. And guess what? I think it went great! 
Though it was just a boring spelling/phonics lesson, my kids were attentive, listening, and participating! They all stayed in their seats, raised their hands, and didn't even spit, hit, or kick one single person the whole period! I was such a proud mama duck looking out over my little ducklings. 
And as soon as she walked out the door..."MISS HE HIT ME, MISS WHAT PAGE ARE WE ON, MISS I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM..."
Well, it was wonderful while it lasted :)

How I feel most days:
WOD: REST day! Plus I got a bum shoulder :(

God bless!

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