Thursday, September 4, 2014

3 weeks in.

We've been back in the sand pit for 3 weeks now, and I just finished my first week back at school! I absolutely love 3rd grade! My kiddos are so sweet and fun. I already feel like we've been in school with them for a month. We are still getting used to everything at school, and it's a little but hectic, but everyone here is so nice. I've said that from the minute I walked onto campus. Everyone is genuinely, nice. 
Grades 3-5 are departmentalized this year, which means that I am only teaching English, Social Studies, and Writing (taking after you, Papa). My teaching partner is teaching Math and Science. So, I teach the same lesson twice; one for my class, one for his, in each of the subjects. It makes lesson planning a bit easier, but I now have 50 kids to keep track of, monitor, assess, grade, accommodate for...etc instead of 25. It will be a learning and challenging year, but like I said before I really do like my kids, so I think it will all be fine :)
We were invited to church last week with some colleagues, and oh my word, it was so very much needed. We all (Jus, Kay, and I) really liked it. I can't tell you how much I missed this when we were down in Abu Dhabi, it was definitely something that weighed on my heart. Now, I am so glad we have found a place to call our home church. 
It's been so nice to see familiar faces from our previous time in the UAE, but we have also made so many new friends already. I just know this year is going to have so many memories! 
We have moved into our apartments as of last Saturday, and we really like our place! It's called the Imperial tower and we have a one bedroom again. I love the open kitchen and all the window light that shines in! We haven't received all of our furniture yet, so right now we have just a bed, oven, fridge, and a tiny kitchen table. The transition for all the new staff has really been crazy so far! But we have all leaned on each other and have learned to just laugh it all off :) Justin and I have really realized how much "stuff" that people claim they need to live on, and also us. Our apartment literally has the bare minimum right now and we are still alive! We're not taking anything we have for granted. 
Once Justin gets his visa and Emirates id sorted we can finally apply for internet at the house, otherwise it'll be the random posts from school when I stay an hour past just to do a post ;) 
I love you all and just know we are happy, healthy, and safe!

God bless!

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