Monday, June 10, 2013

music and memories.

Anyone that knows me well, knows how much I love my music. I listen to music for the feeling it gives me. I feel at home. Songs can speak more to me than any book, lecture, any sentence. It speaks volumes into the person I am and was.
I was lesson planning for the last week of school this morning when I popped in my head phones. Daphne Loves Derby came on, and it took me back to so many years ago. I can picture riding in the car with my friends, blasting this music over the speakers, singing our hearts out. It is such a good feeling. Music can instantly bring me to tears and instantly make me the happiest person alive. Music is so powerful. I have a feeling that's why God loves it when we worship :)
Mayday Parade, The Audition, and The Spill Canvas will always remind me of my Senior year of high school. Mest and The Used will always take me back to Freshman year. Always. Sophomore year with some more The Used and Taking Back Sunday. Jason Walker puts me back walking down the aisle and Band of Horses our first dance. It's crazy how I remember years and people by the music we listened to. I remember being introduced to Michael Buble and falling madly in love forever. I remember boat rides on Loon Lake playing hidden tracks and hot tub nights in Tenmile playing anything acoustic. National Product's "Love Me". Justin's love for the 80's and me dying laughing at him dancing to Corona's "Rythm of the Night".
Country takes me to my beloved childhood at The Shigley's on a Saturday morning. And high school. And college. Love me some country music. And Shigley's.
Hillsong United can instantly bring me to tears as I sing of how much God loves me.
Thank you all your music makers, you make me so so happy.

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