Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quotes of the Week. (more like month)

Because of my awesome memory that allows me forget something in 2 seconds (Dory, anyone?) I have started writing my kids' quotes down. It is quite funny when we're in the middle of a lesson and I have to pause it to write down a funny quote. But never the less, my kiddos keep saying the darnest things!
*When we were studying Native Americans we were discussing headdresses and how the main leader in the tribe would wear this to show his rank in power. One of my kids raised their hand and said, Miss I know who it is, he is the Chef!
*Also during our Native American studies I was telling them how there were no buildings or streets or malls or anything like we have today. (All of Abu Dhabi is man made so it is very hard for them to understand) Anything and everything they wanted they had to provide for themselves or make it themsevles. "Miss, why didn't they just have the workers do it for them?"
That's the UAE for ya.
*Before we went on our field trip we had a class meeting to discuss what we needed to bring and such. The kids started asking questions about The Zoo and what we would be doing there. "Miss, can we buy animals to take home at the zoo?"
*When we were doing an About Me poster for Lifeskills one of the questions was, What Is Your Favorite Food, "Miss, how do you spell KFC?"
*This week we are focusing on words ending in 'y' and 'ey'. One of our Spelling words is lady.
Salem: "Miss, you are a lady."
Me: "Yes, Salem, I am."
Aljeewan: "Mr. Justin's not a lady, he's a MAN!"

*While discussing irregular plural nouns (yes in 2nd grade) the word was woman.
Me:"Who can give me a sentence with the irregular plural noun for woman?"
Rakan: "I have 4 women."

*Before the National Day celebration we were talking about the activities we had planned for the day. This included darts, pony rides, henna tatoos, sponge toss...etc. I told them we would get to throw wet sponges at Mr. Justin to get him soaking wet.
Salem: "Justin Beiber is here!!??"
And that concludes my awesome class making me laugh pretty much all day.
God bless!

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