Thursday, September 6, 2012

Next Summer Bucket List.

Even though we had a jam-packed summer, there were still plenty of things that I wanted to do that we couldn't. So I have decided to make a list of the things I want to make a point of doing next year. Some of the things I did do, and want to do again, so I will also put those on the list :)
- Camping at Loon Lake with my BFF (seriously depressed we didn't get to continue this tradition)
- Make the drive down to Roseville to see Nonny & Boppy (Justin's G&G)
- A girls coast trip with the MIL and SIL
- Stay a full week down in Winston with my Papa Lou and go to The Wildlife Safari
- Bear hunting with my pops
- Fishing trip with my brother, pops, and Jus
- More mother/daughter days
- Float the river
- Cooking day with my mom
- Go to a lake and go tubing
- Eat lots of Mexican food and Laughing Planet
- Eat lots of froyo (when don't I do this?)
- A weekend (or more) in Portland
- Go to the Saturday market
- Trips\hangouts with my cousins and their kids
- Eat an elephant ear at the fair
- Play a round of golf
- See my brother!
- Go to the Scandinavian festival with my GG's (loved doing this again)
- Shopping trip with my Grams
- Lots of family bbq's
- Go to a country concert
- Hold lots of babies
- Tons of friend and family time!

I know I have so many more things, I just cant think of them all! haha! Justin is probably reading this saying, "Oh my gosh, my wife is insane." You bet I am! I love summer time! It's a time for DOING!
So I want to give myself a little challenge. If I don't do 75% of the things on the list (that is 18 out of 24) then I have to do something ridiculous. And, if you're still following me by then, I will let you chose. Let's keep it PG here :)
I loved this summer and I know every one after this will be just as good! There is nothing like coming home to friends and family!
What are some things I could add to my list? Did you do everything you wanted this summer?
God bless!
This will be me!! 

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